The Lassen County Transportation Commission (LCTC) is conducting the:

State Route 36 (Main St.) Complete Street Safe Mobility Study

State Route 36 should meet the future needs of Susanville residents and visitors. We need the community’s input on concept designs!

Why are we conducting this study?

State Route 36 through Susanville is a 1970’s era State Highway with a history of accidents and difficult pedestrian crossing conditions.

What are we trying to accomplish?

The goal is to develop a plan to create a more vibrant corridor which will attract new businesses and increase safety for motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and transit users. The plan will combine work conducted through previous studies with current input.

What will come out of this study?

A list of recommendations to improve safety on SR 36 along with a funding and implementation plan.


SR 36 Complete Streets and Safe Mobility Draft Report Attachments

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